About us

Who we are:

With more than forty years of experience, success, and confidence in the production of the finest unique Oriental perfumes and distinctive Western perfumes, and with our headquarter in Dubai, and scattered branches in the Middle East, we are proud to announce of establishing our -one of its kind- Perfumery Lab in California.

We would not have achieved this success without the support and trust of our customers, and because they have always had a constant desire for excellence, we always strive to search for everything new and advanced in the perfume industry to meet the aspirations of our customers.


We understand that we have to pay attention to the smallest details that satisfy customers in order to achieve leadership in our industry.

We strive for perfection, versatility, sophistication, and luxury in all of our products. To be creative, we always pay extra attention in choosing perfume bottle designs and in creating scents and fragrances.


We aim to reach the highest levels of excellence in quality and privacy.

Our goal is to reach enchanting scents, exquisite designs, velvet touch and legendary imagination.

Customers’ satisfaction is our goal.


We believe that perfume has always been the language that brings people together in harmony.


We strive for perfection and our dream is to spread the culture of love and peace embodied in our fragrances all over the world.