Making of a fine scent is like making of fine precious stone gems. A sharp gem specialist will have an eye for the ideal precious stone. He can make a harsh jewel into an object of want and to improve his creation, the precious stone is set in valuable metal and introduced in a wonderful bundling.

In any case, if the precious stone has imperfections, regardless of how appealing the bundling is; the jewel at that point stops to entice.

Sam Kay Fragrances makes fine scents with indistinguishable energy from a gem dealer. We begin from aromas made by Nature and afterward carefully make them into flawlessness .

Our aromas are then displayed in delightful glass jugs and embellishments. When you purchase fine aromas, you expect a satisfying smell which should keep going for quite a while.

This correctly what we do with our manifestations. Like a gem dealer, we endeavor to consummate our scents and guarantee that you are offered the best of our work. It might astound you that we dedicate at least a half year to build up our aromas.

We exist to advance our client’s way of life through:

  • Encouraging imagination
  • Development and consistent enhancement
  • Adopting rehearses that are moral and socially just as earth capable
  • Attracting and holding the best ability
  • Meaningful associations with representatives and partners
  • Maximizing partners


Fragrance Wheel:

The fragrance wheel is a round diagram that displays the different scent families and subfamilies. The scents are grouped based on their similarities and differences to show their relationship to one another. The scent groups that border each other share common olfactory characteristics, while those that are further away from one another are less related.

This fragrance classification system was developed by fragrance expert Michael Edwards in order to help retailers suggest perfumes to consumers more efficiently. Each family consists of a prominent scent, while the subfamilies are blended versions of these fragrances.