Return Policy

Unfortunately, once your order is placed, it cannot be modified or canceled, even if your order has not been shipped yet!

Accordingly, we are unable to returnexchange or refund any purchased item from our store due to the reasons below:

1- We customize products based on customers' requests.

2- Orders are being sent automatically to our Lab to start the process immediately. It is important to know that we always make sure to keep fragrances refrigerated at least 24 hours prior to preparing them for shipping.

3- After that fragrances will be sent out to our fulfillment center to be dispatched.

4- For health reasons, fragrances, perfumes, cosmetics, food items, and many other items are not returnable if they were already opened and/or used.

Please review your cart and/or contact us at with any questions before finalizing your order to avoid any issues, indecision, or confusion.


Order Cancelation Policy:

We have the right to cancel any order without any prior notice and/or without any explanation.